11/11/2011 Party!

To All Chi Phi Brothers:

Around 1982, Alumni Brother Chris Maione announced that there would be a party on 11-11-11 as this was the “total eclipse of the digital clock”. Like the RHR2K, 20th/25th Anniversary Canoe Trip, and RHR2K+10, we are now calling all brothers to descend upon the House for a reunion/celebration/RHR.

In the past, many brothers have stayed at local hotels, especially the W Hotel in Hoboken. The general plan (under investigation) is to start the festivities by meeting there for drinks (possible open bar for a couple hours) and then come back to the House for food and general merriment into the wee hours. As with the past events, the awesome food will supplied by Santo Castronovo ’84.

More details to follow in the coming days. Please forward this invite to brothers from all years and respond or get in touch.


Informal Organizers:

Chris Maione ’82
Doug Howie ’83+
Pete Rogina ’84

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