Clam Bake and Softball 2002

Brothers check out historic photos of the Green Gate

Francois detailing his lineage

More work on MU lineage

After meeting snacks, courtesy of Francois

Life is hard in the pits

The beautiful horseshoe pits

Can you believe what they drink these days?


Choking up...

The pitch...

It's gone!

Put your weight into it!

Angels in the outfield - NOT!

Right in the strike zone.

Will he swing?

The pitch...

The (golf) swing...

Good arm.

Good swing.

Henry strikes a pose.

Henry gets backed away from the plate!

The reaction.


Honest, Joe, you almost made contact.


Right over the plate!


Run! Run!

Joe signals the pitcher.

You're running the wrong way!

What goes up...

Zorro commandiers the grill.